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Myself and John Andrew of Arcadia take on the bi-annual task of donning a tie and looking after the rod section at Angling Auctions at the Chiswick Town Hall, London. Twice a year we carefully un-wrap the cling film from the bundles of rods, assemble the rods while avoiding the old light sockets dangling from the town halls ceiling in wait for an excitable bunch of traditional anglers.

I do this twice a year because of my interest in old tackle, I like to hear the tall tails from some larger than life characters and generally listen to John having a moan, wouldn’t miss it for the world! If you are in the area I urge you to drop in either for the viewing on Friday 28th September and Saturday morning or try the auction from noon onwards. Each auction is an education and beyond the usual displays of Coxon’s and Silex’s are the boxes that lay under the tables, old collections of tackle and potential gold. Prices are up and down but there is always a bargain to be had, even without a penny in your pocket it is well worth a visit but don’t tell Neil I said that!

If you like the smell of old tackle shops then pop down this 28th and 29th.