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Yesterday The Tuesday Swim put on hold a planned trip to catch a Lea Navigation pike and instead joined a celebration of Old Father Thames on Southwark bridge.

Friends of the tuesday swim were in attendants, Caught by the River and Andrews of Arcadia. The Caught by the River stage had fish related tunes spun by Richard Norris while contributions came from Jon Berry, Luke Jennings and the rather aptly dressed John Andrews…

Luke and John both read tales of London pike as darkened grey clouds blew in to the Thames basin adding to the darkened mood of large Serpentine monsters, gazette floats and characters stalking the towpaths of London. John also read out a marvellous piece on the London roach pole, an example of which was on display in the Miniature Museum of Thames Angling. The Arcadia van was suitably dressed in Efgeeco canvas, possibly the first bespoke tailored van in history, the fine work that could have come from the London area of St James.

Luke Jennings, Jon Berry and John Andrews standing on Southwark bridge.

Plenty of familiar faces appeared throughout the afternoon, some good Horsham Ale and welsh cider was drunk while a few loose plans were made for some forthcoming autumnal fishing trips. Lets hope they become a reality…