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On four of the hottest days in 2016, director and writer Richard Gorodecky took a film crew into some of the hardest estates in our capital and shot his story; Little Shit. A short film, about the harsh reality of living in the margins, Paul (Badger Skelton) plays a role that is both sensitive and fuelled with anger, Paul finds solace in nature, a natural sanctuary, hidden along the canal paths and brown sites of London.

If I learnt one thing over those four days, directing is a balance, in one hand you have a vision, and in the other you have the guiding arm to take your actors there, as tender as the film is, the relationship between actor and director was a touching side that I didn’t expect. Yesterday Little Shit won best short film at the London Short Film Festival 2018. Watch the trailer here…https://littleshitfilm.com.