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The tuesday swim tries to steer away from the ‘catch report’ style of blogging and keep close to the perimeter fence when it comes to writing about angling. On the outskirts I tend to find something to write about or photograph, rather than attempting to hit the mainstream.

Yesterday was a long over-due fishing trip with a very old friend from my Shoreditch days back in the early nineties. To be fishing with Tony again was as ever good fun, a chance to catch up and to talk endlessly on the subject of fishing. The last time we fished together was six years ago for salmon on the Alness in the North-East of Scotland.  Today we were in search of pike and the outcome was quite successful, in fact it was probably one of our most prolific trips ever. Yes we took some mug shots holding some of the better pike (we caught nine in total) but the real joy was spending time with an old friend on a wind swept autumnal day in Sussex. Tony even thought he might snare a pike using his fly rod, perhaps he thought we were back on the Alness. By five the light was dropping as was the wind, so I picked up my camera when the lake took on a new and quiet personality…