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If there is one pastime over others that has had millions upon millions of words written about its many facets, it has to be angling.  Angling books tend to be split into two camps, the ‘how to’ and the ‘why do I do it and what a lovely place to do it in’ categories.  But when it comes to angling magazines nearly all of them lie in the ‘how to’ editorial style. However, this type of content does have one grave repercussion, it encourages tackle firms to infiltrate the article with product placement, written by anglers who are tied into contracts. The outcome is sterile, advertorial pieces that suit the tackle industry and not the reader.

Fallon’s Anglers is a magazine that goes against the grain which has been put together by an interesting gentleman called Garret Fallon who has bravely decided “what the hell, I’m going to do this myself.” Garret has managed to get a group of distinguished writers and some lesser known writers like myself to put together a collection of words and images. The content covers all disciplines and is varied, often personal, but always interesting and occasionally funny but certainly not  portrayed as being pompous and self-righteous. Issue one has over 28,000 words accompanied with images by writers such as Jon Day, Tom Fort, Kevin Parr and Chris Yates.

To order a copy please go to http://fallonsangler.net/ and try something new.

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