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When I started The Tuesday Swim I didn’t quite know how long I would be writing this blog. From the beginning I wanted to do something that had a sense of originality and held a captive audience even if it was for a select few. I was never a fan of reading about someones day-to-day captures unless the writing or circumstances were exceptional. We all go fishing for different reasons and I didn’t want to preach to the reader about my personal angling triumphs, anyway to be honest they are too few and far between these days! I guess for me I am interested in exploring the feeder stream rather than the main river, the less obvious is more compelling and its quieter, there is no shouting about it here.

Because of my modest writing skills I made a conscious effort not to become overly romantic, flowery or down right clever, instead I have just tried to write my blog in plain english…keep it simple and not to plagiarise others with more natural talent. The most important bit was to include original content and keep it fresh.

What I have really enjoyed is the feedback from like-minded anglers (and non-anglers) here in the UK and overseas  (I need to work on those african cousins, see the map below) who have appreciated the blog by following, commenting, or just simply reading it. This keeps me looking for new material to write about or photograph…always a pleasure never a chore.

world map

For now a big thank you to every reader as the tuesday swim sets sail to take on the sea and a chance of a spring/summer sea bass…coming soon!