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Just recently Chris Yates re-discovered these old fishing diaries from the early eighties, actually his son William did, found in a box of Christmas decorations after thirty years, perhaps Christmas is not such a big celebration in the Yates household!

Anyhow I’m posting this up as the book will be published through the online publishers Unbound, but only if the books gets enough individuals to place pre-orders. This is a new concept in book publishing which takes any financial risk away from the publishers, personally I think this is a little lilly livered of the publishers but I guess times have changed with cash flow and risk assesment. I have pre-ordered a hard-bound copy for £20.00 and hope that a few of you may add to the tally and get this lost diary published, I’m sure it will be worth the £20.00 and the thirty year wait.

Click on the link or the image below to find out more plus you can see a nice interview with Chris Yates and an interesting look around his study.

Chris Yates The Lost Diary


Update: 8th May 2013

A quick update to say that the Lost Diary has now reached its full funding. With the book already written the wait should be not too long, unless Chris mislays it again!