2 thoughts on “The Lower Lea”

  1. Bob Popkin said:

    Are there Barble in the Hackney area, I used to fish along from the Wier, down to Homerton.
    Plenty of silver fish ( roach/ face) and the odd big Chubb,.
    In the summer there are still massive big shoals of spawning Bream , and there seem to be a big head of Carp now, but Barble.
    I’ve heard rumours about the Barble being there , but never caught or witnessed one being caught.
    The river has some splendid stretches, with deep holes , fast stretches , slow stretches, gravel runs , crying out for Barble it seems .


    • Hi Bob, to my knowledge there seems to be only bream, carp and the odd pike although I did catch a 4ln brown trout a few years back. I thought is saw four barbel swing near the bomb hole on the Hackney Marshes about ten years ago but I’ve not seen anything since, I’m often looking over the river. Plenty of big carp though!


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