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The carp fisherman of the 1950’s had different requirements to the usual float angler, the Oxo tin was the perfect size to take a selection of hooks, numerous weights and spools of line. Just like the carp scene now, fashions prevail, so once the Oxo tin was seen in a few Redmire photographs the tin and specimen hunter became common place on the water’s edge for another decade in search of Leney’s.

This season (2012/13) I’m trying the Oxo tin myself, aside from floats, it can take all my terminal items plus a torch and two bite alarms. My angling this year will be very much grab it while I can approach, one small bag, a net and a rod (maybe two).

Gerry Berth-Jones is sited here with what I believe to be an ‘Oxo’ set up and a ‘Pup’ tent also an essential part of my 1980’s carp outfit. Pre sun-lounger stuff, I believe.