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The Tokoz centrepin
The Tokoz Centre pin

The Tokoz centrepin

This morning the postman came a knocking and delivered me the following…

The Tokoz centrepin reel could be considered to be one of the most badly made centrepin’s of all time but this reel (along with twenty others) has recently been re-discovered in a box in a tackle shop in Cambridgeshire, sourced from my good friends at http://www.thepathbythewater.net/

Why did I buy one? Well firstly it cost £1.50 + the same again for postage and secondly, any thirty year old reel still wrapped in it’s grease proof paper wrapping has to be freed from it’s darkened box for all to see.

In the spirit of the tuesday swim, the Tokoz centrepin gets it’s first airing in thirty years, a monumental day?