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Just over a year ago I started this blog after returning from my annual pilgrimage to the river Wye. I’m still not too clear why I write this blog as I generally find anglers writing about their catches uninspiring. There are a few that paint an interesting picture on such outings through words, but with the Tuesday Swim I guess I wanted to write about the little things in angling that I found to be interesting and any related items, whether it was tackle, places, anglers, some history, a song or indeed an interesting capture. I have in fact been on a  few trips this year and caught some good fish but fail to record them here as I felt there was no point in turning the Tuesday Swim into a diary. So I will tell you this now, the catch for the Wye for 2012 was one barbel around the 7lb mark caught in the dark and in the pouring rain, only one blurred image was taken as the camera failed to respond in the wet! The catch was a little disappointing but there is still a tale to be told…

So rather than words below is my photo story for my three days on the Wye.