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Since my last close call with a feeding frenzy of a few doubles, the carp have disappeared! Over the last two weeks I have spotted one lone carp despite feeding the same two spots. My baiting plan has been broken by my new arrival but the bait is still going in so I’m quite surprised no lurker’s have been spotted over the two baited areas. In addition the wind has made it hard to spot the carp but there now seems to be a break in the wind so I have prepared a few kilos of chick peas for a proper bash at pre-baiting. The weather forecast is to be warm but rainy, for me this is ideal so long as the wind stays away, I just find it un-settles me when trying to fish especially on the canal where the wind can really blow down the canal channel.

So where have they gone? The stretch of canal that I’m fishing has two locks both of which are equal distance away for my baited areas, about 200 meters,  so we are looking at an overall length of less than half a kilometre where the carp will be patrolling, location should not be a huge undertaking especially with a regular food source smack bang in the middle?

Update: I’m now throwing in three or four big handfuls of chick peas in two spots with a general handful flung across the canal to intercept any patrolling fish…I am now waiting for a sighting…but so far nothing seen!

In the meantime if anyone wants to see and hear what catching a canal carp is all about, fellow blogger Jeff at the Idler’s Quest has had some better news than The Tuesday Swim. Well done Jeff, I hope to share notes soon and thanks for the message.